Bull Semen Sampling

image002The practice is now providing an on-farm semen sampling and analysis service. This visit also includes a full health check of the bull. Knowing the fertility status of a bull is vital before selling or buying a bull. It is also important to know that a farmer’s own bull is fertile before letting him out at the start of the breeding season. Contact the office for bookings. A full veterinary certificate is issued for each bull tested.

Planning for the Calving Season Ahead

lim calf in strawGet ready, the calving season has started. Make sure you have a few essentials on hand.

  • Good quality clean calving ropes
  • Long arm calving gloves and lubricant gel
  • Iodine spray for the navels
  • Clean buckets, in case you need the vet
  • Colostrum or Colostrum replacements
  • Vaccines….have you vaccinated your cows against scour
  • Electrolyte replacements…always have a few on hand

 Spring Calving and Lambing

Spring calving cows should be receiving pre-calving minerals and scour prevention vaccines. Scour vaccines need to be given 3 weeks to 3 months before calving, so make sure your cows and calves are covered. Colostrum is a vital source of antibodies for the newborn calf or lamb. Newborn calves need 2 to 3 litres of colostrum in the first 2 hours of life and up to a total of 6 litres in the first 24 hours. This gets their new immune systems off to a great start.