Code of Practice for Repeat Prescriptions

The responsible use of veterinary medicines is crucial to animal welfare and to the maintenance of public health.  Therefore, there are strict regulations by which we, as veterinary surgeons, must abide by regarding prescribing and dispensing medications.

In line with regulations from the Veterinary Council of Ireland on Ethical Veterinary Practice, this practice has a policy on supply of Prescription only Medicines (POM’s).

Under the regulations, veterinary surgeons may prescribe POM’s only following a clinical assessment of the animal and must be deemed to be “under their care.”  This means that a pet needs to have been seen recently enough for the veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the current health status and condition of the pet.

Our practice policy is that pets on long-term medications need to be seen for a clinical assessment with a veterinary surgeon at least every 6 months. The fee is half of the usual consultation rate.  This visit will involve a thorough clinical examination of your pet and a full discussion with you, the owner.  In some cases further tests may be recommended.  The main objective is to ensure the health of your pet by evaluating the progression of disease, monitoring for side-effects, and detecting other disorders early enough to treat them.  This is an important visit to ensure the medication is still appropriate and effective for your pet.

Once treatment has commenced with a long term medication, clients are able to purchase up to 3 months supply at one time.  We encourage clients to request repeat prescriptions 24 hours in advance to ensure we have the medication on hand and to reduce your wait.  Alternatively, written prescriptions for up to 6 months can be requested.  Preparing and providing a written prescription is time-consuming and is deemed a professional act, which confers legal responsibility on the prescribing vet.  As such, we charge a small fee for providing each written prescription.